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Bike & Tune up

Basic Tune - $95

The basic tune will keep your bike running flawlessly. Best suited for causal light riders or in preparation for your upcoming charity or weekend rides. This includes a bike wash and covers all of the essential adjustments to the drive train, brakes, wheels, and bearing systems. Includes a: bike wipe down, check and adjust front and rear hubs, adjust headset, check bottom bracket, lube all cables, lube and adjust derailleurs, adjust brakes, secure handlebars, stem, seat post and seat, crank arms, chain rings, pedals and accessories with torque wrench to correct specs, and true wheels.


Pro Tune - $165

The Pro Tune is the best value for riders looking to regain that "new bike" feel, we give your bike the full treatment! It includes a major drivetrain degrease, bike wash and frame polish. The bike is thoroughly inspected from frame to fork to the bottom bracket and crankset. Full Di2 diagnosis, firmware upgrades and battery charge. This tune is perfect for preseason outdoor riding and a couple of times throughout the season for riders that put on the higher miles.


Complete Overhaul - $300

The Complete overhaul is the ultimate service package. This will bring any bike back from the dead. The bike is completely disassembled down to the nuts and bolts, cleaned then reassembled. New cables, housing, a major drive train cleaning, bottom bracket and crankset overhaul as well as a complete headset rebuild are all included. Hubs are disassembled, cleaned and greased with bearings and races inspected for war. This is the most meticulous and in depth repair service we offer.


Scheduled Tune

To avoid leaving your bike with us for 7-14 days in peak summer months, call us to schedule a tune instead! Scheduling a tune is completely free, and it means you only have to be without your bike for 2-3 days.


Expedite Service - $85

If you need your bike to be tuned as soon as possible, we offer an expedited service. The $85 fee will be added on top of the fee of the tune, and your bike will be ready within 48 hours.


Delivery Service - $20 each way

Pick up and delivery service available within 15 miles.


Pro Bike Fit - $200


Pro Tri Bike Fit - $200