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Bike Tunes

Basic Tune - $95

Our Basic Tune includes a general wash of the bike with soap and water, brake and drive train adjustments, a wheel true and a lube of the chain and derailleurs.


Pro Tune - $165

Our Pro Tune includes a drive train degrease, bike wash and frame polish, as well as firmware updates and a battery charge as needed. With a pro tune, our mechanics will take an in-depth look over every part of the bike to make sure it is adjusted properly and running up to scratch.


Scheduled Tune

To avoid leaving your bike with us for 7-14 days in peak summer months, call us to schedule a tune instead! Scheduling a tune is completely free, and it means you only have to be without your bike for 2-3 days.


Expedite service- $85

If you need your bike to be tuned as soon as possible, we offer an expedited service. The $85 fee will be added on top of the fee of the tune, and your bike will be ready within 48 hours.


Pro Fit

Road Bike- $200

Tri Bike- $300