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Welcome to our new Blog!

  • Posted on
  • By Ben Quincy
Welcome to our new Blog!

Our first post in a Blog that will feature tips, tricks and recommendations on all things Cycling!



I am excited to launch a new area on our website that will focus on a number of things in relation to cycling in our area (and worldwide)! First off, allow me introduce myself. As an avid skier and cyclist for my entire life, I have enjoyed working here at Cycleology for six years. With this has come an abundance of learning through industry experts, training, and hands on experience. My goal has always been to act as sponge soaking up as much knowledge and know-how as I can. Through a series of posts here, I hope to share as much of that as I can!


With that out of the way, you may be wondering what to expect as far as topics I may cover. Here are just a few that will come out over the next few weeks as well as many more!

  • What Bike is right for me?
  • Top MTB spots in CT and beyond
  • Great Rides for Families of all ages
  • Sram Eagle Transmission


Just like in our brick and mortar store I look forward to engaging with the community as well as learning, teaching, and exploring all things cycling!

PS- Stay tuned for a Ski Blog coming soon!!